Our machine work is done by conventional as well as CNC machines. Richard Galli, the President of Custom Tube and Manufacturing,  has over 40 years of experience. His son Bob Galli took his apprenticeship under his father, and is now our Manufacturing Production Manager. Together they will provide consultation in order to help design your customized parts. Along with a can do attitude they will help you get what you need accomplished. If you haven’t been able to find anyone to make your parts, you should call us today!

With the ability to do metal forming in conjunction with machining we can manufacture more complex parts than standard machine shops. We make very specialized parts for gas purification, heat exchangers, semiconductors, electronic, medical, precision optics, military and aerospace components. Long run production jobs for hard to find shaped tubular type parts has become a mainstay for our machining department. We have detailed job tracking and weekly, monthly and quarterly deliveries depending on your needs. Additionally, with our job shop and CNC department we can make just about any part you need!

Machined from billet Haynes 282